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Raha Lane

Born in 1976 in Shiraz, Iran, Raha Lane was raised in a family of painters and authors. At a young age, she began painting under the rigorous direction of her father, Gholam, who himself had been instructed by his uncle. Among the early lessons that most influenced Raha is the technique of layering paint to create imagery with more depth. The rest of Raha’s life was influenced by both art and literature – a combination which forever imbued her artwork with a sense of romantic narrative and storytelling. Today, all three of the artists in the Yunessi family have reached international recognition.

Her repertoire of skills expanded in high school and university as she explored the media of sculpture and calligraphy. However, as she simultaneously excelled in chemistry all throughout her formal education, she briefly explored the possibilities of a career in the sciences. In 1996, she received a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in English Literature from Azad University in Tehran – keeping her pursuit of visual art as an after-hours project. Soon thereafter, upon urging from her family and friends to return to an artistic life, Raha began traveling throughout Italy and France to study painting. This exploration inspired her to create works of a fresh, unique style – particularly inspired by Monet and the French Impressionists – insuring her success at the Contemporary Exhibition of Persian Painters.

In order to explore a wider variety of styles and to seek out a life as a full-time artist, Raha moved to the United States and accepted a full scholarship at the San Francisco Academy of Fine Art. It was here that she truly coined her signature style, distinguished by the subtle imagery, blended tones and balanced composition of dreamy landscapes. Raha pulls the emotional strings of memory into the fine gauze and misty scenes found in the several layers of her art. Raha continues to work as a professional artist and her work can be found in corporate and private collections nationwide, as well as in prestigious venues throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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