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Sonja Rodewald

Sonja Rodewald, originally from Wisconsin, has spent much of the last decade living and working in the Atlanta, Georgia. Born in March along with her twin sister, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1973, Sonja grew up exploring the beaches of Lake Michigan and the country-side where they resided.

As a child she connected with illustrators like Charles Shultz, and stop motion works of Rankin/Bass (Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer). She found herself drawing and listening to music often. "My parents had an encyclopedia collection that was illustrated by Charles Shultz, I remember reading and taking the books to my room to free-hand draw the characters. I would repeat and repeat it until I got it right...and until I did not have to look at the character in the book anymore. It was fun for me."

Her family embarked on many different travels within the United States. On these travels, Sonja found herself taking the hotel note pads and pens everywhere they went. While her twin sister and brother were playing at the pool, Sonja found herself sitting at a desk drawing characters of people she saw that day. As she grew so did her interests. Throughout her schooling, art was where she found a way to express herself in a unique way. She also excelled in the art of sports: basketball, track and field, and winter/water sports. A highly-competitive, perfectionist who succeeded at most anything she tried. Themes that consumed her life as a young person were art, sports, music, and the helping the underprivileged- in the only way she new best-acceptance/friendship.

In an effort to appease her parents (since art was not an acceptable means of education), she entered college with the intent of studying law and politics. To add a personal interest to these studies, she chose an emphasis in social issues, focusing on equal rights. Attending the University Of Milwaukee Wisconsin for 2 years, then transferring to the UW-Stevens Point, where she achieved her B.A. in Political Science and Economics with an emphasis in Law and Social Issues.

Sonja uses multidisciplinary practices in many of her artworks. Photography, acrylics, and digital manipulation. Combining these three disciplines creates exceptionally dynamic and very personal artworks. "When I use photographs of events I've attended including fashion shows, film premieres, my travels, as well as my beloved family members, I immediately have a connection to the work, a foundation that I enjoy building from. The photos evoke a positive memory within me. I think of this memory as I manipulate and develop the artwork. It is the ultimate in creating something good. Starting at a point of positivity has an equal opportunity of ending in that positivity."

With her degree in hand and a passion for art, her career lead her to working on the supply end of the art field, i.e. paint, brushes, easels, etc. Her time with Jack Richeson Co, was very fruitful and inspirational. She dove into learning how to use materials and how to create with these materials. For JRC, she also coordinated trade shows with individual artists like Diana Lyn Cote, Ramon Kelley, Brenda Mattson, Steven Quiller, just to name a few. These relationships were instrumental to where she finds herself today. She then moved to Atlanta, where she continued her career in art supplies and presently manages a team of artists at a fine arts publisher.

Artist who continue to influence her are Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry and all most importantly all of her artist friends.

Her work has been exhibited in group shows, private art shows and auctions. Collectors of her work come back for the diversity and simplicity of her pieces.


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