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Enrique Magana

During Magana's 30 year artistic career, he has developed and mastered fine arts techniques like painting, sculpture, drawing, and etching. Born in Zamora, Michoacán, he attended primary and secondary school in Columbus. Since Enrique was ten years old, his grandmother, an amateur painter, encouraged him to paint. He moved to Guadalajara in 1966, where he enrolled in high school and at the School of Visual Arts and later the University of Guadalajara. Despite his love of painting, he chose to major in civil engineering and gained employment with a construction company. Unfulfilled with this pursuit, he left the construction company in 1979 to go back to school to study Fine Art.

Upon completion in 1982, he participated in a group exhibition at the gallery Jorge Martinez. The show received praise from critics and Magana sold nearly his entire repertoire of paintings on exhibit. Encouraged by the favorable response, he quit his job and dedicated the next year to painting professionally. In 1986 he founded an art gallery and successfully catered to collectors nationally and internationally.

Magana's artwork is an abstract reflection of his everyday life. He travels to other countries to survey landscapes and the human form. These appearances clearly express the artist's passion, talent and perception for his subject. Magana firmly believes in assisting the locations he visits, and has become a spokesperson and fundraiser for COESIDA (Consejo Estatal para la Prevención del VIH/SIDA EN Jalisco) an organization for the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS in the state of Jalisco. He resides in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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