Sonja Rodewald

Though originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, artist Sonja Rodewald has spent much of the last decade living and working in the Atlanta, Georgia. Born in March of 1973 along with her twin sister, Rodewald grew up exploring the beaches of Lake Michigan and the country-side where they resided.

As a child she connected with illustrators like Charles Shultz, and stop motion works of Rankin/Bass. She found herself drawing and listening to music often. On family trips, Rodewald found herself taking the hotel notepads and pens, and while her siblings would play in the pool, she would draw characters of people she saw that day. Throughout her schooling, art was where she found a way to express herself in a unique way.

Sonja uses multidisciplinary practices in many of her artworks, such as photography, acrylics and digital manipulation. Combining these three disciplines creates exceptionally dynamic and very personal artworks. She explains, "When I use photographs of events I've attended including fashion shows, film premieres, my travels, as well as my beloved family members, I immediately have a connection to the work, a foundation that I enjoy building from. The photos evoke a positive memory within me. Starting at a point of positivity has an equal opportunity of ending in that positivity."

With her degree complete and a passion for art, her career led her to working in the art supply industry, Jack Richeson. She moved to Atlanta, where she continued her career in art supplies and presently manages a team of artists at a fine arts publisher.

Her work has been exhibited in group shows, private art shows and auctions. Collectors of her work come back for the diversity and simplicity of her pieces.



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